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Gift Card


You can't go wrong with a gift card for the dog you love.

Valid for 4 years from date of purchase.

By ordering you confirm you have read our Gift Card Terms + Conditions.

Altro importo

Gift Cards. For the Dog You Love Most.

Having trouble seelcting a gift??!! Make it easier on yourself by giving a Gift Card!!

Gift Card Terms + Conditions.


  • are valid for a period of 3 years [36 months] from the date of purcahse;

  • cannot be reloaded (i.e. the value cannot be increased or added to);

  • cannot be redeemed for cash;

  • if the purchase price exceeds the balance of the gift card, the gift card holder must pay the difference using another payment method. No change will be given and any balance on the gift card may only be used in whole or in part against future purchases, prior to the expiry date;

  • are non-refundable;

  • cannot be used to purcahse another gift card;

  • are issued electronically only;

  • our current Repair, Replace, Refunds Policy applies to orders placed, using this gift card;

  • discount codes cannot be used to purcahse gift cards;

  • must be treated as cash as it will not be reissued, refunded or honoured if lost or stolen;

  • our electronic records will be conclusive evidence of the balance, history and expiry date of a gift card; +

  • we may vary these T+C's at any time.

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