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Sustainability + Us ❥

Putting Pets + the Planet First.


We take pride in creating accessories using only the finest materials.


Not only are most of our products made from materials which are sustainable,

we also consider the circular fashion model before we use it.

The Leather We Use:

Full Grain, Vegetable Tanned

This leather is all manufactured using natural colours and is chemical free!!


The Italian company that produces some of our hides, is part of Associazione Conciatori - who invest heavily in R+D around leather production processes, and most noteably, purify water output from the tanneries to put back into the environment.  


Did you know?:

Leather will compost in 50 years v the hundreds of years it takes synthetic leather [made with chemicals to decompose!

We suggest cutting your old collars up into small pieced before discarding them, to speed up the composting process.

Kangaroo Leather:

Roo leather is considered one of the most sustainable leathers and is from a superabundant,

renewable source due to a very large, self-replenishing population.

The Hardware We Use:

We predominantly use low-lead, solid brass hardware on our products - even down to our rivets.

Our low lead hardware meets the requirements set out by California’s Prop 65, as well as the European REACH standards which aim to improve the protection of human [+ pet] health + the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.


All of the hardware we use [Solid Brass or Stainless Steel] can be recycled!


Further, we are looking at introducing a program where we can reuse hardware from our older items,

into your new items, for a discount on your new items.

Wool, Hemp, Denim + Canvas:

All 100% natural.
All 100% renewable.

All 100% compostable.


Some of it is new, vintage stock.

Some of it has had a previous life.
Some of it is off-cuts or surplus stock from other brands.

BioThane Webbing:

There is ALWAYS a need for waterproof, low maintenance, long-lasting + practical dog accessories.

As far as man-made materials go, this is the only option I would consider, that is why we use it.

BioThane webbing [Made in USA] is extremely durable - so while it is not compostable like our leathers, it will give you many years of use, unlike other 'vegan leather' and leather alternatives, which tend to have a much shorter life due to the material peeling, discolouring, staining, tearing, cracking and generally sustaining damage, from general wear, a lot more quickly - meaning you throw them away in a much shorter time period.

When synthetic materials are worn out and can not be used again it is difficult to dispose of them in an ecofriendly way.

They is not compostable nor are they biodegradable, and at this stage, BioThane cannot be recycled.

So while there are some negatives to using BioThane, there are some significant reasons to use it

and why it is a better choice than all other synthetic materials.

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