⫷  FAQ  ⫸


➳ How long will my order take to make?

This information is noted on the bottom of our product pages and in the email sent to you, confirming your order.

Our lead times for completing + dispatching your order [not including postage time], are typically:

  • Simple designs [no add-on's]: typically up to 5 business days;

  • Activewear + Loungewear range  + Accessories: typically up to 5 business days;

  • Designs with hand stitching + painting [inc freckels + Add-On's] + Harnesses: typically between 5-15 business days.


However these timeframes may be a little longer over October, November and December when it is busier.

We always aim to get orders completed + in the post to you ASAP.

➳ Can you tell me when my order will arrive?

Your tracking reference is sent to you once your order is ready for shipping - once it is in the hands of Australia Post, it is in their control and subject to their current processing speed. The tracking reference will be sent to you via email from us, + Australia Post, once the label is printed. To get an idea of when you should expect to receive delivery of your order, please use the tracking reference you have been provided and check it on the Aus Post Tracking Tool: https://auspost.com.au/mypost/track/#/search


If the parcel seems to have stalled, contact Australia Post: https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support to ask for an expected ETA. You will need your tracking reference for this.

If you don't already have one, you can set up a free Australia Post 'MyPost' account and it will automatically send you updates for your deliveries. You can sign up here: https://auspost.com.au/auth/invite. You can use your account to manage your deliveries, including changing delivery address, after your order is in transit.

Our full Postage Policy can be found HERE.

➳ How do I care for my items?

You can find care instructions for your items HEREWe strongly recommend that you follow these to prolong the life of your items.


Please note that our leather + woollen items are not designed for wear in water.

➳ Why has my natural leather changed colour?

This is perfectly normal! If you are ordered an item made with the Natural coloured leather, please note that it may start off very pale but will develop a rich patina in no time at all - please refer to our PATINA file for more info on this. 

➳ What do I do if my order is lost or damaged in transit?

We are more than happy to help you with this, however the first step you need to take, is to contact Australia Post directly about the issue. There will be information required, which we cannot confirm with them. Do not throw out packaging showing damage - Aus Post will ask to see this. After Aus Post has either deemed the parcel lost or damaged and eleigible for replacment, they will require us to contact them. Please let us know when we need to contact them. 


Contact Australia Post here: https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support 

➳ How do I measure my dog's neck/chest for a collar?

We have set up guides to help you get the correct measurement, HERE. We can't stess enough, do not measure your dog's old collar. Every collar is made differently and has different allowances so this number, generally, will not work! A flexible measuring tape is a couple of dollars in the supermarket - head to the sewing section.

➳ Haaaaaaalp! You sent me the wrong size/colour/someone elses order...

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ We are so sorry - it occasionally happens. Sometimes I think I'm killing it here, getting orders out and I've just misread the order, while I was trying to be super productive.


Just flick us an EMAIL from this link. Please send us a photo of the item so we can see what we've done. Any collars can be laid flat with a ruler or measuring tape next to it please!

➳ Oops, I made a mistake with the measurement I provided you - can you alter my collar!

Unfortunately we do not offer exchanges due to each items being handmade for your order. We can try and alter your item for you - just print out this FORM and include with your return. We will then alter the item when we get a chance.  

Otherwise, we find that, for leather items, most old school shoe repairers are very nifty and can probably help you out more quickly and cheaper. My advice: try to avoid the chain/franchise shoe repairers. 

We have also uploaded a little guide on trimming your collar at home HERE.