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The Hardware We Use

Traditional, Buckle-Up, Leather Collars + Leads:

We are moving towards using low lead, solid brass hardware in a natural finish for ALL items, where possible. Most of our products already use this range of hardware – even down to our rivets, accross our entire range.


Low lead means you get quality hardware without the weight of standard solid brass. Most solid brass products tend to have a higher lead content. It also tends to tarnish a little – just based on what we've seen. BONUS: Solid Brass is rust resistant!


Our low lead hardware meets the requirements set out by California’s Prop 65, as well as the European REACH standards which aim to improve the protection of human health + the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.

Traditional, Buckle-Up, Activewear Collars:

This range is made with either solid brass or marine grade stainless steel hardware. We are unable to obtain buckles in the style we require, for these collars, made of low lead brass :( If the supplier ever releases some, we will be ALL OVER IT! Until then, it is only the rivets which are made with low lead brass.

Adjustable Collars + Harnesses:

The side release clips used are brass plated, die cast zinc - a premium material with a mirror-like, gold finish.

All double loops [sliders] and single loops, are made with low lead, solid brass, as descirbed above. 

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