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This gorgeous number is named after the sweet pup we originally made it for: Roy.  A classy variation on the 'Sweet Ruby' collar, but in blue.


Delicate Kangaroo Lace (sustainably produced in Australia) forms a stunning weave that feels rather south-western. We finish off this collar with soft blue, hand painted edges, to contrast the lacing, and solid brass hardware.


You choose the base leather colour of this collar.


On the 25mm wide collar, there are slightly wider edges as the weave is narrow, which sits closer to the edge on the 16mm + 19mm wide collars.


Each collar may stretch a small amount over time, given the nature of leather. 



You can review our standard collar sizing chart HERE.



It is imperitive that you measure your dog's neck and DO NOT measure their collar.

You can find instructions on how to do this, HERE.

  • For a 'PERFECT FIT' collar, enter your dog's neck measurement in the Custom Field [ eg. 34cm Perfect Fit ]. We will then make your collar with the measurement you provide, as the middle hole.
  • We can also make our 'PUPPY FIT' collars - where the current neck measurement is the smallest hole and we leave room for your puppy to grow through the sizes: enter [ eg. 28cm Puppy Fit ] in the Custom Field.
  • If you leave the Custom Field EMPTY, you will receive a collar in the 'STANDARD FIT' sizing which you have ordered.

'Roy-al' Collar

  • fan·​cy | \ fan(t)-sē \


    adjective: not plain - of particular excellence or highest grade


    how to use: "oh my, this is rather fancy - perfect for the swanky party we are heading to later"

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