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Two ( - or three - ) dogs. One leash. Half the trouble!!! What's not to love?


We use BioThane Standard, PVC coated webbing with either solid brass or marine grade, stainless steel hardware [rust resistant].

We recommended pairing this product with our 1m leash in urban areas and a longer leash in areas where you have more space for the dogs to move around.


If you wish to have each strap a different colour, please add a note to your order!


ADD a third dog strap to your splitter with this Add-On!

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➳ View the full Activewear range HERE.

Activewear Leash Splitter

PrezzoA partire da AU$37,50
  • ac·​tive·​wear | \ ˈak-tiv-ˌwer \


    noun: sportswear


    how to use: “we’re going for a hike down the creek – time to put on the activewear”

  • The texture of the BioThane Standard is different to the BioThane Adjustable webbing. Please consider this if buying different coloured items to form a set.


    BioThane Adjustable is a new webbing which is specifically designed for pet collars + leads. This webbing is thinner and more flexible than BioThane Standard. It's softer on fur + fingers :)


    BioThane Standard webbing is a thicker, leather alternative, style webbing with a grain embossed onto the webbing.


    The good news is that the colours are identical between the Adjustable and Standard styles - so while they may feel different, they still match perfectly.


    We stock 16 of the 30 colours available in the 'standard' style + stock 7 of the 11 colours available in the 'adjustable' style.


    We can order in the colours we don't regularly stock, if you are prepared to wait. A full list of colours can be viewed HERE.

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