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The 'Basic B@$#%' Necklace is a simple design. It fastens with a spring opening o-ring and features leather detailing. It's a simple and fast, on and off design.


This necklace isn't designed as a collar and shouldn't be used with a leash. It is more fun coloured, additional neckwear for your pooch... that is also super handy for dogs that walk in harnesses but when you still want them to have ID attached to a collar [which can be quickly + easily attached + removed on this necklace].


It is also a good option to slip on for doggy daycare, visiting friends, the off-leash park and is also perfect for dog sports.



  • Select up to 4 colours for your necklace.
  • Add MORE colour to this collar with this Add-On!



  • Each side of the neckalce has 30 loops of colour - being:

     2 x 10 loops

     2 x 5 loops

You can arrange the order of those loops however you like.


  • Select up to 4 different colours for your design - one for each of the 4 lots of loops. Or, you may prefer to keep it simple with one or two colour choices.


  • When listing your colours, start with the colour that will be closest to the rivets/knot, and work towards the centre of the necklace. Eg. image attached is: 10 x gold / 10 x mint / 5 x white / 5 x lilac. 



This necklace comes in four width options:

  • Round leather cord - 5mm
  • Flat leather - 10mm
  • Flat leather - 13mm +
  • Flat leather - 16mm.

You can review our width conversion chart HERE.



To talk through the fit of this necklace, I will use Lulu as an example.

Her neck measument is 35cm [including my couple of sausage fingers tucked in for grabbing her].


I would order her the 36cm because it is the next biggest size from ther neck measurement - it will be snug initially however being leather, it will stretch a little so it will be fine after a few wears.

If I was after a much more relaxed fit, I would order the 40cm however, given it will still stretch a little, the 40cm will be far to big for her after a few wears. Ordering an extra size up is less of an issue for bigger dogs.


When trying to decide between 2 circumferences, it may be helpful to use a piece of string/ribbon/shoe lace, cut to the measurement to see how you feel about the fit on your dog.


This necklace may stretch a small amount over time, given the nature of leather.

_ _ _ _ _


View the entire Basic B@$#% range HERE.

'Basic B@$#%' Necklace

  • / bey-sik B@$#% /

    noun: those who rely on popular designer clothing for status, tending to favour a singular, designer, brand.

    how to use: "I’m proud to be a ‘Basic B@$#%’. I may have a one-note fashion sense but if this leash is amazing and I use it all the time, why hate on me?"

  • neck·​lace / ne-kləs /

    noun: an ornament worn around the neck

    how to use: "she had little else in the way of possessions, aside from the necklace around her neck."

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