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This convertible leash is perfect for long strolls and hands-free walking.


One thing we love about this design is that the sizing of this leash can be altered by you for you! Want it a little looser or fitted around the torso in hands free mode? Just move the position of the knotted ring. This also give you the option of creating a snug fit if you want to use it as a leash that can pop around your waist.


Used as a long leash, this leash is approx. 2.2m long and the length allows plenty of room for your pooch to wander, stop + smell without you stepping on them or yanking them, in the process.


When this leash is used as a short leash by clipping the handle snap on the ring on the bottom, this leash is approximately 1.2m long.


This leash is a little firm to begin but like any leather, will soften with use.



Why not personalise this product? Add MORE colour to this leash with this Add-On!



This leash comes in tree widths:

  • 10mm;
  • 13mm + 
  • 16mm.

You can review our width conversion chart HERE

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'Basic B@$#%' Convertible Leash

PrezzoA partire da AU$60,00
  • / bey-sik B@$#% /


    noun: those who rely on popular designer clothing for status, tending to favour a singular, designer, brand.


    how to use: "I’m proud to be a ‘Basic B@$#%’. I may have a one-note fashion sense but if this leash is amazing and I use it all the time, why hate on me?"

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