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We are taking colour blocking to the streets in a super stylish way with our convertible leather dog leash. You design this item by choosing the colours of the three segments - mix them up or choose the same colour for each segment.


  • The 'handle' colour will be the colour that forms the handle when it is used as a long leash.
  • The 'middle strap' forms part of the cross-body function with the handle.
  • The 'bottom strap' colour is the lower segment that attaches to the collar/harness.


We have designed for 3 main functions - long, short or hands-free. But wait, there's more... use it in the short leash position as a two dog leash or as a balance leash [Google it if you want to know what that is] or, use it in the car as a restraint [looped around and through the head-rest and attached to a harness]. Loving it!!



  • In the longest function [small handle, long strap], this leash measures approx 2.1m long.
  • In the hands-free function [handle and middle strap form a loop to sling over your body], this leash measures approx 1.65m long. You don't need to sling it across your body - you can just use it as a standard leash.
  • In the shortest function [where the handle + middle straps are threaded through the biggest O-Ring and the handle swivel is clipped onto the D-Ring], this leash measures approx 1.1m long.


This leash is super durable and like any good leather, will age beautifully, if well cared for.


Complete the look with any of our Collars which will match this bad-boy!



Why not personalise this item? Check out some of the Add-On's available for this particular Leash:

➳ 'Bow Wow WOW' hand painted edges for the entire leash - one colour or different colours

➳ Name Embossing or Gold Foil Stamping personalisation
➳ Insert feature leather into the handle of your leash

➳ 'So Fancy' plaited weave to the handle of your leash


For reference, the model in the image is approx 165cm tall and petite. Should you be taller or have more torso/bosom, the end of the leash may be a touch further away from the ground. If Hansel, the Greyhound, was not in the image, the swivel clip would touch the ground.



This leash comes in two widths:

  • 16mm + 19mm.

You can review our width conversion chart HERE

    Convertible Leather Leash

    • leath·​er / le-t͟hər /


      noun: a long=lasting + sturdy material which we use to make our products.


      how to use: "we only use the finest leathers for our dog collars + leads".

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