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This 'ADD ON' is for your leather items!


Add a splash of WOW on the edges by selecting from a wide range of colours. 



For some items, you can/may wish to have more than one colour used on your item/order:

  • Collar + Leash / Harness + Leash sets
  • Ordering 2 collars or leads with different colours
  • Straps on the splitter different colours
  • Segments of the Harness
  • Leash - Handle one colour + different colour on Strap/s

Simply select the 'Mutli Colour' option and leave us instructions in the 'COLOUR NOTES' field.


If ordering more than one set and adding painted edges, it may be economical to opt for add painted edges 'To EVERYTHING!'. Just make sure you leave a note outlining what colour you would like each item painted.


We cannot use multiple colours on single strap items [ie a collar or car restraint].


This Add On does take several days for us to complete, hence why processing time is longer for orders with this Add On - but it is TOTALLY worth it!


This add-on is not suitable for our

  • 'Braid Envy' collar
  • 'Basic B@$#%' Range

'Bow Wow WOW' Handpainted Edges

PrezzoA partire da AU$10,00
  • /ˈadɒn/


    noun: an extra embellishment, that can be added to a main item in order to personalise, beautify or customise its appearance.


    how to use: "I simply love colour... add-on the painted edges!"

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