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Customise your own leather dog name tag! We have re-invented one of the items we started with...


You choose the:

  • Leather colour;
  • Embossing style;
  • Shape.


These tags are super durable and best of all - they don't jingle like the metal tags do.


Approx Dimensions:

  • Diamond: Small - 5.5cm x 00cm
  • Diamond: Large - 7cm x 00cm
  • Flower - 5cm x 5cm
  • Aztec - 6.5cm x 00cm
  • Triangle: Small - 5.5cm x 00cm
  • Triangle: Large - 6.5cm x 00cm


They wear best if kept dry!!

'Cutting Shapes' Leather Name Tag | Keyring

PrezzoA partire da AU$15,00
  • If your tag gets wet and/or dirty, simply remove any dirt with a clean, damp cloth (a drop of vinegar to the water for any tough stains) and then allow the tag to dry at room temperature, out of sunlight, on a flat surface.


    Once the leather tag is dry, give it a coating for protection - if you have a natural clear leather conditioner like Dubbin, use that. Otherwise flaxseed oil, coconut oil or olive oil should do the trick to soften and protect the leather once more - just rub whatever you have in with a clean dry cloth or natures tool - your fingers, wiping off any excess.


    The colour of the leather will change with time as it absorbs oils.

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