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Cruise the 'hood in your snood on those colder days!


Made by re-purposing vintage wool blankets, add colour to your streetwear and keep warm at the same time with this double layered, woollen, dog snood.



Select the colour of the leather keeper on this product.



Measure the largest part of your dog's head / neck - we have created a guide to show you how HERE. Select the Size with the circumference that is just larger than your measurement.

For example, Lulu's measurement of the largest point of her head / neck is 39cm. We would then select Size Medium which has a circumference of 45cm.



Select the appropriate size, based on the measurement outlined above. This will allow your fur-baby to wear it nice and snug.


You can fold the snood over to shorten the height. Alternatively, you can go up a size for a baggier fit - like our models!



Our sizes are designed to fit an approximate maximum neck/head circumference, as outlined below. If you are the top of your size rang, it won't hurt to buy the size up if you'd prefer a baggier look:

XXS: 23cm

XS: 29cm

S: 37cm

M: 45cm

L: 53cm

XL: 61cm


If your size is out of stock, email us [ ] with your size + style request and we will let you know when it is back in stock!



  • 100% wool; +
  • Leather keeper with solid brass button.



Remove the leather keeper and either gently hand-wash this item OR use a gentle/woollens cycle on the washing machine using cold water, inside a delicates washbag.

'Loungewear' 'Hood Snood - Turquoise/Purple/White

PrezzoA partire da AU$22,00
  • Well... it's:

    ⫸ A completely natural, renewable fibre - meaning it is sustainable;

    ⫸ Biodegradable + recyclable as it will gradually decompose [once thrown into the compost!] over a period of years unlike synthetic materials;

    ⫸ Naturally clean / stain resistant - will repel water - does not stain easily;

    ⫸ Regulates temperature [warm in winter / cool in summer ] - and, I just read this fact [so it MUST be true], it is warmer when it's wet, than when it's dry??!!; and

    ⫸ Hypoallergenic + does NOT smell :)

  • lounge·​wear / lau̇nj-ˌwer /


    noun: comfortable clothing, designed especially for relaxing at home.


    how to use: "I popped on some cute loungewear and casually strolled the streets like I didn't care who saw me".

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