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Our Traffic Leash is made with ethically sourced, vegetable tanned leather and solid brass hardware. Available in plain or braided styles.


The traffic leash is ideal for strong dogs, obedience training, assistance dogs or when you simply need to keep your dog close by, such as at the vet, markets, busy streets or cafes. It is short and strong.


This leash features an extra brass loop for attaching either a poop bag holder or a double ended leash for extra assistance if being used in a working capacity.


This leash is super durable and like any good leather, will age beautifully, if well cared for.



  • Get started with picking your fav colour!
  • Select a length + width combo to create the ideal leash for you and your pooch.
  • Check out our ADD ON's to create a unique design or to literally stamp your name on it!



This leash comes in two widths:

  • 19mm + 25mm

Then select from two lengths:

  • 35cm or 45cm

You can review our width conversion chart HERE

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Leather Traffic Leash

PrezzoA partire da AU$39,00
  • leath·​er / le-t͟hər /

    noun: a long=lasting + sturdy material which we use to make our products.

    how to use: "I wish I’d bought a leather collar instead of this vegan one which lasted 5 minutes before it started cracking and peeling".

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