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Unleash your style with this sturdy + stylish plaited leather dog leash! Hand plaited by us and made from vegetable tanned leather with Solid Brass hardware.


Suple leather is hand braided to form a stunning leash, inspired by beachside living. Opt for one or two colours and select from 2 widths - the thicker width is more suitable for medium to largeer sized dogs [20kg+] because it will be a little too bulky for smaller dogs. However the regular width is still suitable for larger dogs.
Hand braided, right here in Melbourne, we're giving traditional leather craft techniques a fresh look. 


If you are after the leash in one stunning colour, just select the same colour for Colour 1 + 2. If you'd like a contrast, select different colours for Colour 1 + 2.

Select from:

  • Natural / Pink / Mint - will match any of our products also made in these colours [delivery of Natural expected at the start of December].
  • Navy - will match products selected that use Navy Bridle leather.
  • Chocolate - a smart colour choice. We are looking at finiding a suitable hide to bring back a chocolate leather for our collars.
  • Gold - flashy! Great if you love a little bling. Not suriable for a whole leash in gold.
  • Deep Purple - a great colour. Limited supply of this colour.
  • Jade + Pink Speckle - made by us. Great in a 2 colour leash!
  • Turquoise - coming soon.


Leash in Image: Natural+ Turquoise / 150cm - Thicker


Keep this leash dry!



This leash is available in three lengths:

  • 1m, 1.2m + 1.5m.

You can review our width conversion chart HERE

'Unleashed' Plaited Leather Leash