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A handmade poop bag purse - just enough to carry a few poop bags, a credit card or two, some cash-money and your house key. All able to be clipped onto your leash.


This product is made with 100% wool from repurposed, vintage blanket scraps.


Buy this product as it is, buy it with the matching bow-tie to make a statement!


Do you know why 100% Wool is WONDERFUL?? Well... it's:

  • A completely natural, renewable fibre - meaning it is sustainable;
  • Biodegradable + recyclable as it will gradually decompose over a period of years unlike synthetic materials;
  • Naturally clean / stain resistant - will repell water - does not stain easily;
  • Regulates temperature [warm in winter / cool in summer ] - and I just read [so it MUST be true] that it is warmer when it's wet, than when it's dry ; and
  • Hypoallergenic + does NOT smell :)

'Loungewear' Poop Bag Purse

  • If your bow tie just needs to be freshened we reccommned spot-cleaning with a clean cloth.

    For a good, all-over wash, we recommned a gentle hand-wash in luke warm water with a wool detergent/softner. Rinse with clean water.

    Press the item against the sink or basin to remove excess water, be sure NOT to wring or twist the item.

    Lay flat to dry.

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