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Tweed. Leather. Hemp. Three natural, chemical free, compostable materials, all used to create this stunning collar. Featuring our signature gold stitching, with solid brass hardware.

Being 100% natural, this collar *should* perfect for dogs with skin allergies + irritations.

Customise the design of this collar by selecting the:

  • size;
  • width;
  • fabric design +
  • leather slider colour.

Small:      21cm to 33cm
Medium: 31cm to 44cm
Large:     42cm to 55cm

We reccomend selecting the next size up if you are close to, or at, the largest circumference of the indicated range.


The leather slider will be a fraction stiff when it is new but will soften with use.

NOTE: The pattern on the collar you receive may not be exactly as shown in the image due to the print design and monitor display colour settings - they may vary slightly on each item, so each item is completely unique!

'Need for Tweed' Martingale Collar

PrezzoA partire da AU$50,00
  • mm Inch
    10mm ⅜"
    13mm ½"
    16mm ⅝"
    19mm ¾"
    25mm 1"
    32mm 1¼"
  • /twiːd/


    noun: a rough woolen fabric made usually in twill weaves and used especially for suits and coats


    how to use: "The only real rules are that when we are going on a social visit, we shall wear the tweed"

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